Emily Schroeder Willis

esw2 What about her? .... I love her work. ADORE even.

What do I love most about it? The pinch-ey finger marks? The voluptuous curves?  Luscious glaze? The overall whimsy and delicacy? I don't know - I can't choose. There are SO MANY qualitites that I am over-the-moon in awe of. The hard truth is that she makes excellent work, and I wish my work were as excellent. These pots are the essence of my love for pottery.

I miss making pinch pots and coil pots. I have spent a lot of time throwing over the past few months, in an attempt to build inventory for shows and sales. But the fact is, I miss manipulating clay without tools. I miss throwing slabs around, I miss attaching parts - designing and building. I especially miss holding a ball of clay and seeing what I can make from it, with only the methodical movement of my fingers (and maybe a scoring tool).


Please visit Emily Schroeder Willis' website and fall in with her work yourself. Warning: Drool .. it might happen.